Ecocert Certified Organic Vegetables Farm

AVOFARM is certified (Ecocert) organic vegetables farm formerly located at 850 Riverbank drive in Cambridge Ontario County of Waterloo.

Our main concern is to return the soil to allow seeds to grow, to develop and to give plants, leaves, roots and/or fruit able to nourish freshly and healthy people,

Goals :

- Long term:

Avofarm is involving in sustainable development by practicing organic farming able to feed people with fresh and health vegetable products .

- Short and medium term:

In short and medium terms, AVOFARM wants :

a) to serve and to promote community and country by practicing organic and sustainable agriculture ;

b) to connect people being vegetables chemical free ;

c) to foster wellness passion for growing and sharing healthy and freshly vegetables ;

d) to donate fresh and health vegetables to community ;

e) to create agricultural job ;

f) to contribute to socio- economic development